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sight over haiti. our washington bureau was the only invited on this mission, they hope to guide aid to the people that need it. >> they have asked to specifically focus on port-au-prince, theicalital capital city, and looking at roads and telephone lines and power lines. >> the crew will fly over haiti and images will be used to help in efforts. one important pipeline comes from charleston air force base where airmen are being flown from around the clock. >> we landed in haiti at night and in doing so we saved ourselves a lot of time. there is only one runway and a lot of planes filled with humanitarian aid trying to land in the day. crews only had hours to land and move for room for others bringing aid from around the world. >> before the sun went down, inspiration of this mission of mercy looked up at the cargo of a country needed. this is a devastation seen from the sea-17, homes reduced to rubble, affecting even the strongest of military men and women. from day to night time on the ground in haiti, everywhere we looked we saw crews from all around the world. some having not slep
. -- he barely beat harris. >> the dollars they sent to washington, they got earmarks. they are smarter than that. let's stop sending those tax dollars to washington in the first place. >> big business, big banks. now they're taking care of. the problem is that does not help the little guy, and we are doing our best to protect the jobs. >> maryland's most vulnerable race is considered this one. congressman kratovil has already raised twice as much money as harris. >> we first told you last night about that panel set to discuss pay raises for state lawmakers. >> well, today, the decision was made, and it was no pay hike for this year or next. david collins has more. >> all 188 members of the general assembly for at least two years. after that, and a bump in pay will be tied to the state unemployment rate. -- any bump. it would go up of the unemployment rate drops to 5% or below. >> then there will be a $2,000 salary increase starting as an january 1, 2013. >> if the vote was not unanimous. members considered a compromise. >> the economy is not healthy now, and there is no indication that
see sometimes up in washington. >> they gave president obama a tour of the company that employs 39, including jerome green, who met the president face to face. >> out of nowhere, just for them to call up like they did tuesday morning and said the president is coming, it blew us away. >> the company has very well during the recession, with contracts locked in. they like the incentives the president announced today, including tax breaks for new hires. a dozen people call today looking for work. >> i think the president picked this company because it was manufacturing. it is people who make something. we want to make america great again. >> no one, including the company executives themselves, are completely sure why this was their moment, a moment also shared by a mayor in waiting. >> maybe the president is making amends to the city of baltimore and the state of maryland. >> thanks for all the great work you do. thanks for hosting me. i know you guys probably have to fuss a little bit to get ready for us, but from my perspective, it was a great visit. >> the people here say they have
, from 2008, to 2009. homicide totals dropped dramatically across the region last year. washington d.c. hit a 45-year low. and according to a piece in "the washington post," the district saw 140 murders in 2009, compared to 186 a year before. that's a 25% drop. and prince george's county logged 100 murders down from 135 and montgomery county saw a significant drop in homicides last year. a former r.o.t.c. instructor on the eastern shore will face a judge monday morning on sex abuse charges. 38-year-old john than rossal of bridgeville delaware has been charged with sexually abusing a 15-year-old female student. and he apparently turned himself into maryland state police on wednesday. police say the abuse happened in a fund-raiser in october and one month later, rossell resigned as an r.o.t.v. instructor in dorchester county. >>> tonight the taliban and pack scan has taken credit for killing of seven c.i.a. employees. they sent one of the c.i.a.'s own operatives to carry it out as revenge for a mirlt militant leader that was killed in a missile strike. these claims are yet to be confir
anything to do with there. >> plunging into a frozen creek in washington, d.c., the 22- year-old graduate from hawkins just last year -- from hopkins just last year. firefighters managed to pull them out, but he later died at the hospital. a desperate family need your help tonight locating a hit and run driver. police say back on december 26, a 55-year-old was hit by a car and left for dead. in towson, police are investigating. lowell melser is there. >> they say he is in very critical condition tonight, basically being kept alive on life support. unfortunately, baltimore county police say they have very little to go on in this case. they hope someone saw something that can blow the case wide open. >> it was just before 11:30 at night on december 26. the weather conditions were poor, and they say that timmy was walking home southbound when he was struck from behind by a vehicle, which then left the scene and left him for dead in the road. >> he was unresponsive. he has serious internal injuries, and right now, he just has not been able to come around to respond to any type of stimulation.
had the ceo's of four of the biggest banks in washington. they want to know who is the -- who is to blame for the financial meltdown. bank of america, goldman sachs, jpmorgan demanded that they went overboard. another bank was included. >> home prices were going up, people were making money. >> it sounds like selling a car with faulty brakes and buying an insurance place -- a policy for them. >> the ceo's backed more regulation and defended employee bonuses saying no to that received them or not making risky decisions. it will issue its report in december. >> if the government daniels is listening, pick up the phone. it is not a big deal. the ravens are coming to indianapolis. pick up the phone and have a gentlemanly bet. do not be afraid. we will put up crab cakes and you can put up what effort it is that indiana does. -- put up whatever it is that indiana does. >> the next step to miami, the ravens are the underdog against the colts. >> what are the keys to winning this game? pete gilbert has the answer. >> the ravens put together a perfect game a week ago knocking off the p
in iraq and the call for open government. our reporter begins team coverage from washington. >> after one year in office, president obama came to the nation on prime-time tv to it meant many who put him in the white house have doubts. >> change we can believe in. i know there are many americans who are not sure if they believe we can still change or that i can deliver. >> he said he saved 2 million jobs with his stimulus plan and cut taxes. he also built out the banks. >> i hated it and you hated it. >> he wants a new focus on jobs. >> people are out of work. they are hurt. they need our help. i want a jobs bill on my desk without delay. >> he is not giving up on health care reform. >> i take my share of the blame for not explaining it more clearly to the american people. but do not walk away from reform. not when we are so close. >> the gop response came from virginia is new governor. >> most americans do not want to turn over the best medical care system in the world to the federal government. >> president obama condemns the constant campaign of everyday election day. >> we do not quit.
behind a massive fund raising effort. brian moore has that story from washington. >> president obama and listed his two predecessors for a massive fund raising effort. >> these two leaders send an unmistakable message to the people of haiti and the people of the world. in these difficult hours, america stands united. >> generous americans have already given millions. in pasadena, the owners did -- donors did not even have to step out of their car. vice-president by and ushered haitian americans that help is coming, despite a logistical bottleneck caused by the widespread devastation. >> as the general said, it is like putting a bowling ball through a straw. >> the students arrive and escape, but their nightmare is not over. >> this is not any sort of success story, because we are missing to professors and four other students. >> we are here and they are not. what do you say and what do you do? cracks in national, an emotional homecoming for a church group just back from the quake zone. -- >> in nashville. keeping haitians are alive is the mission of the usns comfort. >> only lowell m
doppler radar, you can see that the rain has zeroed in on the baltimore and washington area and then reaches northrop up to philadelphia. once you get up near new york city, they are sitting on a rain-snow line at this point. that is the area of freezing rain and sleet that has been persistent this evening. the trailing edge of this appears to be winding down out in amounts to the west of us. west of hagerstown, it shows the precipitation has ended. maybe we are seeing a trend here where the rain is going to be tapering off over the next couple of hours. the freezing rain of to our north and west has been hampering some of the activities. maybe they are all hiding and will come out of the woodwork around midnight. but in southern pennsylvania, where the pink shades are is where we are seeing most of the freezing rain and mixed precipitation. that is where the high as likelihood is of some slippery conditions. let's take a look at what happened today. 34 for high at the airport, 35 at the inner harbor. about one-third of an inch of liquid precipitation. hear on tv hill there
to think about indy for kelley washington and his teammates. week one just about in the books. first home playoff loss ever for tom brady, and his day ends in the hands of edwards with the sack. ravens win 33-14. forget about history. the ravens run to the present with an eye to the future. >> that was our dream. i made the first guy miss, and that it was a foot race. i always tell guy on my team, i said for the first 40 yards, i am one of the fastest guys. but after that, it is a horse race. but i pulled it out. >> when you see it, the first thing i think, without bringing it up, the first thing you think about is there a flag? then you look and see there is no flag, you think wow. for us to start like that, i take our hat off to the team, for ray to start like that. >> to finish it the way ray did, that is a huge statement. the first quarter, i think it was 17 points off turnovers. to capitalize on the turnovers, that is how you win games. it is most definitely how you win playoff football games. >> i would have been doing this too. we just didn't play well, and you have to give those t
security report on what exactly went wrong. brian more has the story tonight from washington. >> indicted today on a half- dozen criminal accounts including attempted murder for the christmas day attempt to bomb flight 53 over detroit. the charges come one day before the obama administration is promising the a report of the security -- >> it was not a falling out of one agency, department, or person. the president has described a systemic failure. >> they were under intense pressure to find and fix the weak point. technical, bureaucratic, and he meant. >> we should not allow and competent people to be working here, whatever the job is. >> in new jersey's senator that did outrage. an unknown man strolled through an unguarded security exit as the tsa guard chatted on a cell phone. >> it was not functioning on the day of the breach. >> they are demanding accountability as well as short and long-term security changes that the gsa promised are already in motion. >> the coldest weather in three decades is sweeping through the u.s., affecting residents and crops. the u.s. right now is dealing wi
, washington, and 15 other venues will be included in the bid. it is known as the most popular sporting event in the world. >> total disaster and chaos, that is how officials are describing the scene in haiti tonight after the massive. pictures are still coming in. we will have the very latest. >> the earthquake was so powerful is not jail show from 10:00 to later. >> why conan o'brien says he refuses to take a demotion. >> a cold night across the region and then a bit of a warm- up. the forecast is straight ahead. mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. 28 at the airport. >> rescue teams of the u.s. are on their way to haiti after a massive earthquake hits there. it was a magnitude 7.0. it is going to be causing a serious loss of life. some are describing the situation as total disaster and chaos. the earthquake is the strongest to hit haiti in more than 200 years. it is a developing story that we will continue to follow for you. the obama administration says it plans to ask congress for money to fight its couple of wars. it is on top of a record $708 billion request for next year. the extra mo
jockey club is trying their luck. they have hired a washington- based country. last month, and anne arundel county executive chose the mall to repeat this. the jockey club got 19,000 signatures. >> maryland state police are looking for the hit-and-run driver who killed a man on the belt way. he was trying to fix his truck at 695 and route 40 when a car veered off the road and hit him. they are saying that it is a black honda accord. call state police if you know who was behind the wheel. a grand jury has a -- indicted and convicted sex offender that laws sought an 11-year-old salisbury girl alive. he faces kidnapping, child of the auction, and burglary charges. -- child abduction, and burglary charges. >> tonight the ravens are trying to keep up the energy from yesterday's and explosive win in new england. >> they will need it to get to miami. it first goes through indianapolis. gerry sandusky joins us with more. >> starting tomorrow, and new focus. the ravens will take the practice field with all eyes pointing toward peyton manning and the indianapolis colts. they certainly figured
possession charge, he would face up to five years in jail. according to the washington post, he worked out a deal with little or no jail time. he will pay the price of having guns in the locker room. a move that has already cost him more than $700,000 so far. an impressive start to the conference schedule for the navy men's basketball team. it proves equally strong at home tonight, beating lee high. [unintelligible] taking full advantage of home court advantage tonight. nothing but net. they found themselves on a light run, chris harris, 29 points. 94-83 over leehigh. at least tiger woods has not faced criminal charges. 37-year-old jason is charged with altering labels to avert a business. he put tiger would -- wood's picture on the bottles with the word unfaithful. at least the woman in the picture is his wife. that is something. stick around, we have a seven- day forecast. it's definitely expensive having a growing family, and it's something that you think about. we try to be conscious of that and plan out our meals so that we can feed everyone on a budget. ♪ at giant, we know saving m
"no more business as usual in washington, d.c." they are calling it a clear message from america on several issues. >> they do not want this health care bill. it is pretty darn clear. >> his urging lawmakers to focus on areas where they agree. >> there are a number of different ways to do this. >> we heard the we will move forward with their considerations in mind. we will move for more for health care. >> harry reid said they will wait to vote on health care until he is sworn in. >> you may have more votes than we do, but did you do it all by yourself, the public is not want to buy it. >> the latest poll seems to support that. the majority of americans oppose the health care plan, saying it is the most negative thing about this first year. >> congress is considering faster tax breaks for those who donate to relief efforts in haiti. a bill allowing taxpayers to write it off on the 2009 filing has passed the house. current law requires owners to wait until next year. a similar law was enacted for victims of the indian ocean tsunami. >> a local couple awaiting to bring home their h
. this is going all the way to washington and there is a winter weather advisory going to a winter storm warning. this is where you see the rough roads out there. tomorrow morning will be very slippery. we cannot rule out some of this here, and the snowflakes here, so you may want to give yourself a little bit of extra time, and you will want to see what is going on. we may have some rain mixed in, with temperatures around 35 degrees. if it is like it is right now, he will not have too many problems. the storm is developing off the coast of the carolinas, but if you look to the north, there is no cold air coming in. you have to go all the way to ottawa to see the arctic air. this is not very cold and that is why we are on the cusp, between the rain and the wet snow. we have a high wind and heavy rain, with mount snow in california that will get here later on in the weekend. this will be pulling away as the afternoon is wearing on. we will start the weekend with some sunshine on saturday, and this is not a bad day on saturday before the western storm is arriving. we see some heavy rain going thro
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16